• To provide information to educate Black Women 50+ regarding responsible, preventive health practices.
  • To demystify, in simple language, major health issues.
  • To inspire rewarding lifestyles while also revealing resources, products and services.
  • To decrease the disparities in treatment and services to this audience. To explore the uniqueness of ages 50+.

BW50+ MAGAZINE was developed in to honor the memory of my mother, Mattie Echols Tucker, who transitioned on March 5, 2001. Mom suffered with osteopathic illnesses most of her life. In fact, years before her death, I learned that as a child she spent a year in foster care since the daily medical attention she needed was not available to the rural area where her family lived. This, I believe, was a sensitizing influence and the genesis of her passion to serve others. She was a hair stylist – beautician was how she described her profession. As a result, she knew the stories of countless women. “Women would do better if they knew better,” was always her response to negative comments about women. Consequently, groceries, clothes, money and shelter was freely shared as was, of course, the wisdom of her years. Two years after her death, while still drowning in depression, Mom appeared to me in a dream. “It's time for you to get yourself together,” she said. “Do something.” BW50+ MAGAZINE represents my commitment to continue her legacy of service to women, to ‘do something'.

Linda Jackson Cocroft, Founder / Publisher

Overview Primary targeted audience: Black women 50 to 65 years old and older including. Younger baby boomers born 1946 – 1955 are secondary targeted audience.

Timeline Printed six times annually

  • January-February
  • March-April
  • May- June
  • July-August
  • September-October
  • November-December

Printing: 30,000 each issue

Circulation: Distributed in southern Wisconsin directly to women at churches, conferences targeting this audience, businesses and special events. Also available at Walgreen's, SENTRY, and LENA'S FOODS STORES, public libraries, restaurants, and area businesses. Also circulated to smallbase of subscribers in 8 states.

Copyright: All information presented in BW50+ Health & Lifestyles Magazine is copyrighted. Reprinting without the expressed written consent of Linda Jackson Cocroft is prohibited by law. ©2009

Information presented is not intended to be a diagnosis of illness or legal advice, but to increase awareness and inspire personal responsibility in practicing prevention and fulfilling lifestyles.

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